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1 Month Accelerated Course.

This course is designed to suit individuals who prefer a faster completion. Lectures are structured such that the outline is covered faster, and practical sessions are closely supervised for efficiency. Projects are assigned to students early in this plan and are completed before the period runs out.

3 Months Regular Course.

The regular plan is designed to strike a balance in time between skill and knowledge. With six hours weekly lecture-periods spread over 12 weeks, this plan ensures that the flow of information from tutor to student is seamless. It allows for the flexibility of gradual assimilation and is targeted at individuals who have a more flexible schedule.

Customized Plan (Ideal for Companies and Teams).

This plan targets individuals who have an unpredictable schedule. It allows the flexibility of choosing the time and place for sessions. If you have a very tight schedule but still desire to hone on a tech skill, this is the course for you. Contact us, we’re waiting for you.