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Kindly fill out the enrolment form provided here to enroll for a course. Kindly provide all the information required on the form so that we can properly document your information and serve you better. 

Payments can be made online or to the designated account details as follows:


Account Number: 5600779289

Account name: iBrand Africa Ltd

Only make payments to the designated account details provided. iBrand Academy will not require you to make payments to any personal accounts. If you have any challenges, questions or need further clarification, kindly reach us on 0904 3333 394 or email us at

NO. Our courses are designed to build students from absolute beginners to advanced professionals. 

To enroll for advanced courses, however, our team would verify that you have the prerequisite knowledge required.

Our outlines are adapted for different durations so that you can integrate them into your schedule with ease. The summary of the duration is given as follows:

Accelerated courses: 1 month

Regular courses: 3 months

For more details, click here to check the particular courses of your choice and their respective duration.

Kindly click here to view the particular courses and their respective cost.

NO. all fees are incorporated into the cost for respective courses.

YES! iBrand Academy issues certificates of completion to all students who go through our training. Students who stand out also get a chance of receiving awards, funding, and employment nominations from our partners.

NO. all fees are incorporated into the cost for respective courses.

Many of our courses are taught concurrently with others. As a result, students may not be able to balance up the course requirement for more than one course. Students are therefore not encouraged to enroll for multiple courses at the same time. Students however may be allowed to enroll for multiple courses at different times, provided that one course would be completed before the other commences.

All our courses are offered at the cost listed on our official website. Any discount offered to students will be officially announced on our website and our social media handles. Kindly disregard any speculation that iBrand Academy is offering anything that is not verifiable on our website and/or social media handles. Contact us on or call 0904 3333 394 for clarification.

Our courses are held at our office premises at <<address of our training>> we have a few training options that may be held at other locations though. Contact us for more information on other training options by writing to us at 

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