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About us

Who we are

iBrand Academy is a capacity-building organization with the mission of equipping individuals with skill and knowledge relevant to a rapidly evolving world of technology 

We provide in-depth tutelage through a carefully researched and developed scheme of work, to the end that students are thoroughly equipped to establish and successfully run a profitable firm in the line of their chosen course when completed. We offer certification to boost the employability of students we have trained at a user-friendly cost.

Why Choose iBrand Academy

We’re true to our words

iBrand Academy promises to make students stand out in the digital environment and we do exactly that. Our courses are carefully researched so that the outlines cover all the essentials required to become a professional in the respective fields. Our Teaching environments are customized to provide comfort to students and the class durations are adapted for optimum performances. Moreso, our curriculum comprises a balance between theoretical and practical learning, to the end that our students emerge ready to begin a career.

Our competence is proven

The teachers we engage to train you are not simply “trained professionals” but “trained practitioners”. Ours is a multi-disciplinary team of experts who are actively engaged in the respective industries. As a result, the examples shared in class are active projects with measurable results and impacts as opposed to the tentative exposure available elsewhere.

Our network is unparalleled

At different levels of expertise, we engage students economically so that at the end of their training, we nominate them as interns and for a full-time engagement at top agencies within our network. iBrand Academy frequently receives several nomination opportunities and you may be the next match we offer.

Student Reward

Students who stand out in the course of training with iBrand Academy are often gifted with resources and funding to start their enterprise upon graduation.

Want to say hello or perhaps you aren’t very sure what to enroll for? Reach out to us and we’ll help guide you in the decision-making process.